Technical Rescue Team

The Technical Rescue Team’s members are trained to respond to specific special rescue situations including rope rescue, confined space, structural collapse and trench rescue.  All team members are required to complete annual training in each of these four disciplines.

MABAS Division 4 Leadership

Team Leader
James Pellitteri
Gurnee Fire Department

Assistant Team Leader
Mark Skala
Countryside Fire Protection District

Training Coordinator
John Gaffke
Libertyville Fire Department

CS/RR Discipline Support Leader
Eric Farr
Lake Forest Fire Department

Struc. Collapse Discipline Support Leader

MABAS Division 5 Leadership

Team Leader
Christopher Williams
Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department

Assistant Team Leader
Robert Seyl
Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department

Trench Discipline Support Leader
Nate Burns
Woodstock Fire/Rescue District